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Wouldn’t it be great to be able to travel back in time? To change things that you did in the past or to simply tell your younger self that she is great the way she is or that everything is going to turn out great? This is what KTEE’s new song Back in Time is about. „If I could travel back in time, I’d take a deep breath with my younger self and I’d give myself a hug, middlefingers up“, she sings in the chorus. Life can be tough and sometimes it is not easy to believe that everything is going to be okay again and that time acutally is indeed a great healer. Sometimes you need a little distance to see things more clearly.


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In her new song “Buried Alive“ the singer KTEE sings about a personal experience she had a few years ago. She got to know a young man and they felt an immediate connection. However, they were very different in terms of interests, attitudes, lifestyle and goals for the future. But they both wanted it to work so badly. Because their love was strong. Unfortunately, not strong enough, as it turned out later. They had to end their relationship. Then KTEE wrote Buried Alive to cope with the pain. The song is the result of a painful heartbreak.



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As we all know, love can be a real b…..! Especially when those involved are not able to love themselves (yet) or when they aren’t sure if what they feel is really love. In her new song „Push and Pull“ KTEE sings about her first experience with being in love. Therefore she goes back to her 18 year old naive self, when she was head over heels in love with someone, who played ping-pong with her heart. “Push and Pull“ is about hope, pain and the fact, that you should make  self-love and self-respect your priorities. After experiencing the worst lovesickness and being in search of her perfect love story, KTEE is convinced that you can only find it, if you truly love yourself first.


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Summer is coming and with it the urge to go out, to meet people, to party and most importantly to feel free. Summer is connected with feelings of excitement and restlessness. It’s the time for summer flirts and living the moment. It’s the perfect time to do things that you might regret afterwards and to enjoy unforgettable summer nights. Winter is coming sooner than we might want it to and then we can decide whether our summer deeds have been a total disaster. In the best case we have someone to warm us in cold winter nights. KTEE’s new track “Your place” encourages you to live the moment and not to think about tomorrow. If you feel like it- go for it!



KTEE’s new single LOUDER deals with the dangers and negative aspects of social media.

Of course social media is a great invention, it connects people all over the world and it’s a great promotion tool and an easy way to get in touch with people.  However, everybody knows those awful days, when nothing works out and you feel like the biggest loser. Then you open your social media apps and you feel even worse. Because it seems as if everyone is more beautiful and more successful than you, leads a better life, has more friends and more exciting experiences than you. And even though we know that social media does not represent real life and that almost every picture is edited before it is posted, it can harm our self-esteem when we scroll through the posts and watch other people’s stories.


In LOUDER KTEE stresses the importance to put the phone aside sometimes and look into real faces, listen to real stories told by real people. She also says that it is okay not to be okay sometimes. Nobody feels great all the time. Her message is clear: “Can we be a little louder, a little less invisible? Let’s try a little harder, even when the spotlight’s gone! Let’s show them that we’re more than just numbers and pretenders!”



“I am rich..” that’s what Austrian singer KTEE claims in her new single Rich. However, the song does not deal with her wearing “bling bling” or having a big house and money in her pockets. In the song KTEE celebrates her personal moments of happiness with the realization that “being rich” can have a lot of different meanings.


We are constantly told what we need to own in order to be happy and we are blinded by all of the things that we are supposed to have while being too blind to see what is right in front of us. People tend to focus on things they cannot have instead of seeing and valuing the little joyful moments in their lives – the smile of a friend, a warm summer evening, making music, etc. “I am rich when I feel alive” – says KTEE and encourages young people to value the moments in their lives that do not cost a thing.


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“When I write the soundtrack to my life, do you wanna be the melody?”-­‐ This is the first chorus-­‐line of KTEE’s newest Single Melody. In the catchy upbeat-­‐song, the pop-­‐singer talks about her greatest love – music. This love is used as a metaphor for finding one’s soul mate.


Melody also reflects the singer’s attitude that self-­‐love is precondition for finding your soul mate and that another person can never be the missing puzzle piece in your life. “First you have love yourself with all your heart, accept who you are and embrace your own imperfection. Then finding this special someone can feel like creating a (musical) masterpiece.”, so KTEE.


“I’m stronger than my mistakes” – This is the first line of the chorus and also the main message of the song “So What”. The powerful song reflects the singer’s personality and also her personal growth from a teenager full of self-doubts to  a self-confident young woman who knows exactly what she wants and who (most of the time)  gives a sh* about what other people think about her.

“When I was younger, I had to struggle with depressions and eating disorders and I didn’t really accept myself the way I was. Even worse, I did not know who I was, but wanted to know so badly. I never gave up, I found me and since then I’ve been tryring to follow my dreams.“, so KTEE.

The singer also admits that it is not always easy and that the well-known saying „Follow your dreams“ is often easier said than done and that she still falls on her face sometimes. But she always tries to do it her way, to fight for her dreams and beliefs, no matter what others say, because she says „it is MY WAY and MY LIFE. And the mistakes I’ve made and still make – they make me stronger . I am stronger than my mistakes, even when the earth shakes. SO WHAT!?”,so the singer.


““Love is a rollercoaster ride, it goes up and
down...“ – this is the first line in the chorus of the
new single by KTEE, in which she compares a
romantic relationship to a thrilling rollercoaster
ride. “Before you hop onto a dangerous-looking
rollercoaster, you typically are excited and
nervous, and when you are on it, you either start
feeling sick or you love it – or even a little of both.
The situation is similar to that of a romantic
relationship. Love can be wonderful and exciting, but instances might occur during which you’d like to launch your partner into outer space”, says KTEE.
In the music video KTEE steals a convertible with a handsome guy in order to go on a road trip and experiences an unforgettable adventure in Barcelona.