Wouldn’t it be great to be able to travel back in time? To change things that you did in the past or to simply tell your younger self that she is great the way she is or that everything is going to turn out great? This is what KTEE’s new song Back in Time is about. „If I could travel back in time, I’d take a deep breath with my younger self and I’d give myself a hug, middlefingers up“, she sings in the chorus. Life can be tough and sometimes it is not easy to believe that everything is going to be okay again and that time actUally is indeed a great healer. Sometimes you need a little distance to see things more clearly.


KTEE would tell little KTEE, who was always the smallest and really insecure, that she is fantastic and that later she will be surrounded by people who love her and that she will not care about kids who laughed at her when she was a kid. And she would tell teenage KTEE that the guy who broke her heart, was not worth the tears and that in a few years she will not even remember the second name of this guy.