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“When everything fall apart – save your heart first”, KTEE sings in the chorus of her new song. The song is very special for the singer, since she wrote it for her heartbroken sister.

“She was going through hell,” she says. “She was lovesick and depressed and it was hard to see her like that. I wanted to write a song that would comfort her and remind her that life is fluid and she will grow from this, even if it’s unimaginable to ever be happy again in this moment.” When she played her sister the song for the first time after writing it, it was a very emotional moment for both of them.


In the song, KTEE offers words of encouragement to her sister and to anyone else who might be going through a similar situation. “.” It’s okay to feel like you’re in hell,” she says, “but it’s important to know that it gets better, even if you cannot see it yet. The most important thing is to give love to yourself.“ A breakup is often associated with terrible emotional pain, feelings of powerlessness, self-doubt and often self-hatred. KTEE herself has gone through a very painful breakup herself a few years ago. “I know the feeling and it is a horrible one. But I got through it and I know everyone will. You just have to hang in there and be kind to yourself.”


The music video for the song is also very special and perfectly underlines the message and the emotions of the song. This time, the video not only features the singer, but also her sister.  The shoot was very emotional, but also a beautiful experience for the siblings. “She is okay now, but for the shoot, both of us went back to that difficult time in our minds. Ultimately, the shoot for the video was the final stage of the grieving process. It’s so beautiful to have this experience on video forever,” says KTEE. What a memory!

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