KTEE’s new single LOUDER deals with the dangers and negative aspects of social media.

Of course social media is a great invention, it connects people all over the world and it’s a great promotion tool and an easy way to get in touch with people.  However, everybody knows those awful days, when nothing works out and you feel like the biggest loser. Then you open your social media apps and you feel even worse. Because it seems as if everyone is more beautiful and more successful than you, leads a better life, has more friends and more exciting experiences than you. And even though we know that social media does not represent real life and that almost every picture is edited before it is posted, it can harm our self-esteem when we scroll through the posts and watch other people’s stories.


In LOUDER KTEE stresses the importance to put the phone aside sometimes and look into real faces, listen to real stories told by real people. She also says that it is okay not to be okay sometimes. Nobody feels great all the time. Her message is clear: “Can we be a little louder, a little less invisible.? Let’s try a little harder, even when the spotlight’s gone! Let’s show them that we’re more than just numbers and pretenders!”