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THE ONE - OUT NOW (powered by SKE)

KTEE_The_One_3000x3000 2.jpg

 “The One wouldn’t do me like that, wouldn’t hurt me like that..”, KTEE sings in the chorus of her new song The One. When we fall in love, we usually see things through rose-colored glasses. If we wear these glasses for “too long”, we tend to not see all the red flags that those around us already see and try to help us focus on. And sometimes it’s not the rose-colored glasses; sometimes we just don’t WANT to realize that the person we fell in love with, is not THE ONE, even if we want them to be so bad. So we find excuses for the shit they do, blame ourselves for their behavior etc. But in the end, we have to face it: The One wouldn’t treat you like that. So the best thing you can do is LEAVE. RUN!

KTEE herself was once in a relationship in which she ignored all the red flags, in which she blamed herself for all the things that went wrong. “The whole relationship killed my self-esteem. I eventually realized that I fell in love with the idea of this person, not with the actual person.”

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